About Me


How may I best serve you?

I'm a native New Yorker, who moved to the Midwest about 20 years ago. Why, you ask? Well, NY is a great place but way to expensive, besides my wife's grandmother lived here and needed help. Helping is what I've always been about. Whether it's was helping support my family as a child, serving our country, or donating a kidney, I've always been there for my friends and family. I bring that same helping spirit to car sales, because I believe cars change lives. Every thing from giving you the freedom to go anywhere, to helping you rebuild your credit and your life. I believe cars can do it all. And nothing satisfies me more than seeing a smiling face getting into a new car they didn't think they could get. But life to me isn't all about car sales. I enjoy spending time with my family, bowling, fishing, softball, and watching television. You can also catch me running around at the MI Renaissance Festival in my kilt or other garb my wife has made. So remember this site isn't all about selling cars. There will be jokes, events happening, recipes, and food for thought so check back often. And remember if you need a car, come Deal with the Dude.