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Choosing the Right Car Sales Professional

Why should I buy a car from you? For many people, buying a car is one of the biggest purchases they’ll ever make. Oftentimes, our cars are an expression of who we are. They reflect...

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The 2020 Automotive Best Buy Awards Lists Are Out!

As we are nearing the 2019 closeout, our minds quickly turn to what is new and ahead of us. The automotive industry “Best Buy” awards lists are out and they have set our sights on all the new and upcoming...

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Have You Noticed Your Tires Losing Air In Cold Weather?

As the weather turns colder, you may notice your tire air pressure light coming on often. This is something you need to determine is a service issue or you just to top your tires off with a little air. Colder...

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Seats Versus Trunk – That is the Question!

We all have our own very specific needs when it comes to the vehicles we drive. Some of us have lots of children and need lots of seats. Carpooling with all your children and their friends presents a seat count...

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Can You Live Without Technology?

Technology is amazing! We use it every day and some of us can’t imagine life without it. We all would like to think we could survive without the technology of today, but could we? A lot of us rely heavily on our...

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Buy Your Next Car Like a Boss!

Since the onset of the internet, customers have become much savvier when it comes to researching and buying. As a savvy customer, I am sure you do your research, my question to you is, are you doing the right...

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